The shoe police

By midnightflit

May 4, 2010

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I’ve been wanting to post for ages, but somehow never seem to get the peace to sit down and do it.  And my mad tidying kick continues. Today I took possession of a large shoe rack, which I’ve built into the hall cupboard, and the men of my family’s sea of shoes, the ” keep those ones,  I put the bins out in them” and  the ” oh don’t throw them out – they’re my golf shoes for a dry summer ‘s day” are now stacked away under lock and key.

I think I may be experiencing a late in life conversion to Feng shui, or perhaps it’s just my friend Meg’s impending visit from the US that’s helped me clean up my act. Either way I say, Hallelujah! 

And here is a wee list of other things that have flitted through my brain of late:

1. I loved the BBC 4 programme on Goldsmiths, (The first in a two-part documentary follows a group of student artists from Goldsmiths as they struggle to make art and a name for themselves during the run up to their final masters show, where dealers and collectors jostle to sign up the latest art sensation.) And i particularly liked Roisin Byrne’s work – which was all about art as theft, basically she steals other artists work and then displayed an e-mail “audit trail” of her correspondence with them about the theft.  It seems a very honest approach in this f*cked up old world of ours.

2.  And oh how I laughed at the Glasgow voters’ vox pop on the Today programme, where a brilliant Weegie wifie described the General Election as being like “walking into
The Land of Leather to buy a toxic sofa to discover they only have red, blue and gold ones, and nobody will tell you how much any of them cost. ” 

3.  Still reading Clare Leighton’s lovely book Four Hedges.  Of May she says ,

” There are days in the round of the year that hold everything in the cup of their hands.”

After the long winter and delayed spring we now have blackthorn, wild cherry and apple blossom all out at the same time and I think understand exactly what she means.

4. Helen Simpson, the short story writer, made a brilliant off the cuff remark about the Icelandic volcano and I wrote this short poem based on what she said:


The wind shifts, bringing with it the dust

and mica of millennia, and overnight

the blurring of time and borders is stroked

from the equation.

At the checkout desk the American looks up

at row upon row of flashing Flight Cancelled

signs, and suddenly he’s the master mariner

who sired a line, stranded three thousand miles

from home, waiting for the wind to switch. 


10 Responses to “The shoe police”

  1. The ash cloud is a real gift to poets!

  2. You’ll forgive me if I don’t totally agree with you Rachel.

  3. In what respect don’t you agree Colin?

  4. Oh, come round and help me declutter too, please! I’m not allowed do anything and I’m really stymied as far as throwing out and cleaning is concerned.

    I really like the poem; think Colin may be referring to his other half being stranded and then them missing out on a trip away together… 😦

  5. Oh poor Colin, I’d forgotten J. was away in Germany when it hit.

    I’d come over and look after you in a flash missus, as my work here is alomost done……… 🙂 Nieves and I have been talking about how we both collect surrogate mothers from the generation above us. I think it is something we should all do.

    Actually it is strangely liberating to have the front hall clear of trainers and football boots, and it does seem to make the entrance to the house more open and welcoming. My guys are awful, they even open drawers and never close them, it drives me nuts. But even they are impressed by my decluttering.

    Trouble is recycling it all. I’ve used the endless free plastic shot glasses you get with Idian tonic water as eye protectors on top of my tomato canes!

  6. If you don’t get the urge to do some clearing at this time of year there’s something missing in your DNA. We used to call it spring cleaning.

  7. Clare Leighton’s line of poetry is delightful! As for cleaning and tidying up (love the truth of the shoe story – men are definitely the shoemongers) … a brewster can’t escape the necessity of it … constantly. This morning, I’m sore from lugging around 3-gallon glass carboys after a late night of bottling activity; but the kitchen floor is sparkling clean after making a royal mess! Lots of fun, though! Makes you thirsty … which is a good thing.

  8. spring cleaning, eh, Pat? Hmmm. Think I prefer ‘tidying up’. Like the new blog missus but find it hard to see your old posts!!!

  9. Anna – I hope you are enjoying this rare summer and all is well.xox

  10. Have you fled to Face Book perchance?

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